Game rules

Le Juste Score is your prediction game around the the Qatar 2022 World Cup Matchs. You are notified by e-mail each time a new score sheet is available to make your predictions. 7 prediction sheets are planned throughout the competition. Your predictions can be changed up to 1 hour before the start of the match. Here’s how to score points:

  • Le “Juste Score” consists of finding the exact score at the end of regulation time or extra time of a match (not penalty kicks). It’s worth 50 points.
  • The Bonus Question: A match to be predicted may be accompanied by a bonus question which, in case of a correct answer, allows you to score 10 points
  • The Toto Score consists of finding the right outcome of the match (victory of the right team or draw). By achieving the Toto Score, you score 20 points
  • The Bonus Goal is 5 points, when you guess the number of goals scored by a team. These points are cumulative with Le Juste Score and the Toto Score only.
  • The Goal Gap is a 5-point bonus, you can get by guessing the exact goal gap in a game. These points are only taken into account in matches where there is a winner and where you collect the Toto Score points.
  • The Golden Ball is this small yellow ball to activate one time during the compétition. It allows you to double the points scored for one game. It can be activated only once in the competition.

24 hours after the end of the last match scheduled in the Score Sheet, the ranking by site is available in the “Rankings” section of the platform.